61 Documents, templates and contracts for your employee personnel files to make sure you comply with the BCEA

Employee Personnel Toolkit
61 Documents, templates and contracts for your employee personnel files
Getting Started
1. Essential Personnel Documents
2. How to Store Personal Information
Application Records
3. Acknowledgement of Debt
4. Acknowledgement of Maternity Pay
5. Confidential Request for Assistance
6. Internal Vacancy Form
7. Loan Advance Application
8. Nomination for Training
9. Payroll Deduction Authorisation
Disciplinary Records
10. Appeal Hearing Date
11. Appeal Hearing Finding
12. Counselling Form
13. Disciplinary Finding Sanction
14. Notice of Appeal Hearing
15. Notice of Counselling Session
16. Notice of Disciplinary Hearing
17. Notice of Formal Incapacity Enquiry
18. Notice of Intention to Suspend
19. Notice of Possible Disciplinary Action
20. Notice of Suspension as a Punitive Sanction
21. Notice of Suspension
22. Notice to Appeal
23. Notification for Poor Performance Hearing
24. Notification of Disciplinary Hearing Form
25. Outcome of Hearing
26. Performance Improvement - Final Request
27. Performance Review Form
28. Record of Counselling Session
29. Training Needs Discussion
30. Warning – Final Written
31. Warning – First Written
32. Warning – Second Written
33. Warning - Verbal
Employment Contracts
34. 10 Key Clauses for Employment Contracts
35. Contract – Fixed Term
36. Contract – Independent Contractors Agreement
37. Contract – Wage Earners
38. Contract – Salary Earners
39. Learnership Agreement
40. Mentorship Agreement
41. Overtime Agreement
Employment Equity
42. EEA1 – Declaration by Employee
Leave Forms
43. Leave Application Form
44. Post Absence Interview Form
New Employee Documents
45. Employee Orientation Checklist
46. Employee Personal Details Form
47. Induction Checklist
48. Interview Evaluation
49. Interviewers Questionnaire
50. Job application Form
51. Job Profile Template
52. New Appointment Form
53. Policies and Procedures Acknowledgement Signature Page
54. Recruitment Control Sheet
55. Sample Letter of Regret
56. Sample Offer of Employment Letter
Termination of Service Records
57. Certificate of Service
58. Employee Resignation Form
59. Exit Interview Form
60. Notice of Termination of Employment
61. Staff Exit Form
I know just how time-consuming, costly and aggravating it can be trying to keep on top of all the employment laws and changes. And I know that you have to worry about a labour inspector whacking you with a fine – for even the slightest mistake you make when it comes to managing your employees.
I also know these days, more and more businesses are making sure they stick to complicated labour laws, just to make sure they don’t open themselves up to litigation and costly CCMA cases.
And that’s great.
But what about a simple thing like an employee file? How many of you actually have these for all your employees? And if you have one… Are you 100% sure you have everything you’re supposed to?
Sections 29 and 31 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) are clear. You have to keep record of certain information for each and every one of your employees.
And if you don’t, the DoL could render you non-compliant and slap you with penalties from here to next week!
Now, here’s the tricky part. The Act only lists five specific stipulations, but these cover a number of records, documents, templates and contracts you must have on hand for each employee. 
That’s why I recently pooled together all my resources from…
The Practical Guide to Human Resources and the Labour Law for Managers helps you put together a legally compliant employee file so you can stay off the DoL’s radar
I’ve picked the brains of our editor-in-chiefs, labour lawyers and HR consultants… And with combined experience of over 97 years in the industry, they know exactly how important it is to have your proverbial ducks in a row when the labour inspector comes knocking…
Having access to some of the top labour and HR lawyers and consultants at my fingertips, I know just how much having the right, legal personnel and employee information on file is worth to a business.
After all, not having the right information in your employee’s personnel file could land you with crippling fines from the Department of Labour – or even on the losing side of a CCMA case. 
Throughout all my time as managing editor for both the Labour Law for Managers Handbook, and the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, I’ve learnt one thing:
The ONLY way to seamlessly protect your business from being dragged through the mud and painful DoL inspections is to make sure you comply with all the Basic Conditions of Employment!
It’s so important, that I want to help you do just that…
  YES! I want to use this tool to
make sure I have 100% legal employee files

Don’t leave it until the DoL comes knocking, make sure your employee personnel files are up-to-date and comply with the BCEA
From personal details of the employee, to CVs, application forms, promises to pay back company money, disciplinary records, right down to resignations and termination letters – you must keep this information on file!
And, most of the time, you’ll only find out when it’s too late that you don’t have the right information on file.
It’s simple really.
Let’s take an example of an employee absconding… It’s up to you to try find him before you take disciplinary action against him. And if you don’t have his latest details, or next of kin, on file, how will you do this?
Another quick example – an employee takes you to the CCMA for unfair dismissal. How will you prove you gave him all the correct notifications and warnings if you don’t have copies in his personnel file?
Regardless of any situation you might find yourself in, you need to ensure you have all the relevant records and documents. And a labour inspector will want to see you’re complying by having all this on file!
Think about it…
What happens when:
If you don’t have all this information and all these records, not only could you land in hot water with the DoL… It could be the very reason you fork over thousands of rands in compensation when you lose a case at the CCMA. All because you didn’t know exactly what information you need to keep about the employee.
Luckily, you can solve all this by putting a comprehensive Employee Personnel File in place…
And today, I’m going to ensure you have 61 of the most crucial documents, templates and contracts in place so you never have to worry about an inspector finding you’re not complying with the BCEA ever again!


61 Records, documents, templates and checklists your company can’t do without to make sure you’re complying with the BCEA
It’s all thanks to the Employee Personnel File Toolkit: Every record, document, template and contract you need to compile a 100% legal employee file
With it, you’ll have access to 61 must-have sample templates, checklists and contracts so you can make sure you’re complying with the requirements of the BCEA and the information you have to keep about an employee. 
It includes documents like:
That’s just the start!
Because the Employee Personnel File Toolkit comes on a CD, all 61 records, documents, templates, checklists and contracts are fully customisable.
Just think, NO more spending hours typing up new forms for every single new employee that joins your company. Simply open our templates, make your changes, check you’ve got all the information against our comprehensive checklists, and hit the ‘print’ button…. You’ll have everything at your disposal to open a 100% legally compliant employee personnel file – every time!
And don’t forget, all our sample records, documents, templates, checklists and contracts have been checked and double checked by industry experts – so you can rest assured they’re 100% legal and completely DoL and CCMA, proof!
With the Employee Personnel File Toolkit, you can rest assured you have all the essential information and documents on file to comply with the base of employment laws.

Get your hands on 61 ready-to-print, fully customisable records, documents, templates, checklists and contracts and know you’re legally compliant starting today

If you think about how much it costs to get a qualified HR Consultant or Labour Lawyer to draw up a single contract of employment, I’m willing to bet you think the Employee Personnel File Toolkit will cost you a fortune. 
After all, it contains not one… Not two… But 61 vital records, documents, templates, checklists and contracts.
But that’s where you’re wrong!
Order today and I’ll give you all 61 templates in the Employee Personnel File Toolkit for much less than it’ll cost to get one of them drawn up.
That’s right!
You can get your hands on the Employee Personnel File Toolkit for just R995 incl. VAT. 
No catch! I’ve had first-hand experience on just how problematic it can be if you don’t have a 100% legally compliant employee personnel file in place. Not to mention the time it will take you to start from scratch with each and every employee you already have!
The stress… Time-wasted… And the expense of fines from the DoL or fighting an employee at the CCMA just aren’t worth it!
As a loyal Labour Bulletin reader, I don’t want you to suffer the same fate!
That’s why I’ve made the Employee Personnel File Toolkit as affordable as I possibly can.
But you must act today!
I only have 50 copies of the Employee Personnel File Toolkit available at this price! Once they’re all gone, the price will go back up to R1 295 incl. VAT.
So act now!
And don’t forget, the Employee Personnel File Toolkit comes with my watertight 30 day money back guarantee.
Order your copy of this indispensable CD today and I’ll give you a full month to check it’s everything I’ve said it is.
If you don’t agree that the Employee Personnel File Toolkit is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use toolkit to create employee personnel files, simply return it to me within 30 days and I’ll give you your money back.
  YES! I want to use this tool to
make sure I have 100% legal employee files
Here’s to saying “goodbye” to compiling countless employee personnel files from scratch!

Taryn Strugnell
Personnel Product Manager
P.S. We’ve even included a comprehensive checklist on the documents you MUST NOT keep in an employee’s personnel file!

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